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Welcome to our school website!         !Bienvenidos a nuestro sitio web escolar!

Buena Vista High School

It is an honor and a privilege to serve the students and families of Buena Vista High School. Our District and school mission is to ensure learning and success for each student by providing a quality education. We will accomplish this as students, parents, teachers, support staff, and administration work together for a common goal. Our commitment to each student is to provide standards-based instruction, which is implemented by our highly qualified teaching staff that works as a professional learning community. Close collaboration between all stakeholders will ensure that we maintain high expectations in a safe, nurturing environment.
Our school mascot, the eagle, symbolizes many things. Just as eagles freely soar through the skies our mascot is representative of our students' futures, which are limitless and full of possibilities. Each new day is a new opportunity to learn and soar to new academic heights. All students should be developing and refining their own life goals. We provide instruction via our guidance curriculum to support students as they plan for life after high school.
Education is the key to unlocking many opportunities in life. The staff of Buena Vista High School is committed to the academic, social, and emotional growth of each student. We look forward to a very productive and successful year!


Eagle Essentials

Buena Vista High School provides an alternative educational environment for high school students who flourish in a smaller learning community within the Paramount Unified School District. 
Bring with you each and every day:
·   Student I.D. (provided by school)
·   Subject Dividers
·   Paper, pencils, and pens
·   A hard-cover three ring binder (2 inches)
·   Student Planner (provided by school)
·   Highly recommended: Backpack
Since your continual attendance is important to your education and a vital factor in academic success, you are expected to attend school except when acutely ill
~School begins at 8:50 A.M. each morning and every student is expected to be in class on time.
~Students who do not pass from one class to another on time are considered tardy
~Students tardy from class in excess of 30 minutes are considered absent.
~Following an absence, students are to report to the Attendance Office by 8:45 A.M. with a note including date, name, grade, reason for absence, days absent, phone number and parent/guardian signature.
~Absences can also be cleared by a phone call to (562) 602 – 8090 from the parent.
~All absences should be cleared on the day of return, but may be cleared within 3 school days at the end of this time period. At the end of this time period, recorded unexcused absences cannot be cleared.
~Students with unexcused absences or tardies may be excluded from extracurricular activities.
Parents will receive written notice of 3 or more days of unexcused absence, and 5 or more tardies. Students tardy to any classes are subjected to lunch detention. Students will be assigned to Saturday school to make up all absences and tardies across the school day. Once a student has 5 unexcused absences, a parent conference will be held to place that student on a SART Contract. Students with 10 or more unexcused absences or 20 or more total absences will be referred to SARB (School Attendance Review Board).
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Graduation Requirements

Enrollment at Buena Vista High School affords students the ability to earn credits at a higher rate than they can at the comprehension high school. This ability provides our students with the drive and determination that they can graduate on-time with all of the supports that Buena Vista High School provides. Buena Vista High School students are eligible to participate in the social activities of the comprehensive high school, including athletic events, dances, school-wide events, and Grad Night.  Buena Vista High School students can also attend Summer School, Community College, and Paramount Adult School.
*Students must not have any outstanding dues or fees. 

Buena Vista High School

Graduation Requirements
Requisitos para Graduación

220 Credits/Creditos


Language Arts/Arte de Lenguaje
4 years/anos 40 credits/créditos
3 years/anos 30 credits/créditos
2 years/anos 20 credits/créditos
Social Science/Historia
3 years/anos 30 credits/créditos
Physical Education/Educación Física
2 years/años 20 credits/créditos
Fine Arts/Bellas Artes
Foreign Language/Idiomas Extranjeros
1 year/año 10 credits/créditos
½ year/año 5 credits/créditos

Total Requirements/Total de Requisitos........155 Credits/Créditos

Total Electives/Total de Cursos Electivos........65 Credits/Créditos

Total Credits/Total Créditos..................220 Credits/Créditos

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The Buena Vista High School community is committed to providing our students with all of the services and supports that will prepare them to meet life's opportunities and challenges. Students receive a individualized program which provides them with the academic skills, character development, and college and career readiness skills that will lead to their future success.
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