Mission & Vision

Buena Vista High School Mission Statement

The purpose of Buena Vista High School is to provide a nurturing, safe school environment in which individualized teaching and counseling approaches help students experience academic success while becoming responsible citizens and life-long learners.  Our goal is to make high school relevant and rigorous for all students so that they will graduate college and career ready, in order to meet life's challenges.


Buena Vista High School Vision Statement 

Buena Vista High School fosters a smaller learning environment with an emphasis on individualizing instruction and counseling approaches based on student needs and character building. The school's motto, "Building Character, One Person at a Time" is reflected in the administration, faculty, staff, and student interactions.  Academic achievement, character building, and college and career readiness are expectations for all Buena Vista High School students.  Our faculty and staff believe that each and every student will graduate from Buena Vista High School prepared for success in both college and career with a specific plan for continuing their education beyond high school.