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About Us

Buena Vista High School provides an alternative educational environment for high school students who flourish in a smaller learning community within the Paramount Unified School District.  Buena Vista High School and its faculty take great pride that the school provides a nurturing and safe environment where students receive individualized teaching and counseling approaches to assist in their academic growth and character development. Our purpose is demonstrated through the positive interactions between our administration, faculty, staff, and students where diversity is recognized and embraced. Our faculty and staff believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that each and every student is given every opportunity to learn in a nurturing and safe environment. 


Enrollment at Buena Vista High School affords students the ability to earn credits at a higher rate than they can at the comprehension high school. This ability provides our students with the drive and determination that they can graduate on-time with all of the supports that Buena Vista High School provides. Buena Vista High School students are eligible to participate in the social activities of the comprehensive high school, including athletic events, dances, school-wide events, and Grad Night.  Buena Vista High School students can also attend Summer School, Community College, and Paramount Adult School.


The Buena Vista High School community is committed to providing our students with all of the services and supports that will prepare them to meet life's opportunities and challenges.  Students receive an individualized program that provides them with the academic skills, character development, and college and career readiness skills that will lead to their future success. 


Principal: Morrie Kosareff
Assistant Principal: Leslie Leonard
School Colors: Navy Blue and Silver 
School Mascot: Eagle