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Independent Study

Our Independent Study at Buena Vista strives to provide a voluntary alternative education program and setting for students to respond to individual student needs and learning styles.
The flexibility of our independent study program allows us to serve a wide variety of students, enabling some students who otherwise might not graduate to stay in school. Students who enroll in independent study include students who have health problems, are parents, need to work, and are child actors or aspiring Olympic athletes. Additionally, independent study serves students who desire to accelerate or move more slowly through a course, or to make up a subject that they have missed in a traditional classroom. Independent study programs are required to follow the district-adopted curriculum, and work is governed by a written agreement signed by the student, teacher, parent, and other relevant guardians/adults.
(adapted from the CA Department of Education Website
Before speaking to a counselor about the Independent Study program, consider the skills associated with self-directed learning. 
  • Organization
  • Focus
  • Self-motivation
  • Time management
Students must obtain a referral from their school counselor, administrator, or in some cases through student services in order to attend the Independent Study program. 
Who do I have to support me?
  • All students enrolled in the Independent Study program must meet with their supervising teacher twice weekly for a 30 minute face to face conference.
  • All students are required to meet with the independent study counselor twice a semester.
What does the learning look like?
  • All students are assigned a weekly contract and are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours weekly.
  • If a student does not complete the minimum 20 hours of work weekly, they are issued a letter of concern. After the third letter of concern is issued, the student is referred back to their home school.
How is the material/homework presented?
  • Course work assigned is A-G compliant and will be either paper based materials using a textbook or online learning through Edgenuity.
Is it separate from Buena Vista's main campus?
  • We are located at the front of campus in Room 2.
  • All students must follow district/school policy, regarding dress code, cell phones, and codes of conduct. 
  • Students are still invited to award ceremonies, graduation, and other campus events.