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Buena Vista Clubs

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance):
Mr. Grace and Mrs. Gray co-advise the GSA Club, which is a welcoming space to talk, learn about, and educate others on sexual orientation, gender identity, and some of the issues that surround them. Meetings happen in Room 17. 

Women's Empowerment Club:


As advised by Ms. Villalobos in Room 5, the Women's Empowerment Club is an open forum to discuss issues pertaining to gender, expression, relationships, and societal/stereotype roles. Also, students learn about historical and current women leaders/changemakers. 
"Another topic our club addresses is issues affecting women of color because they aren't always brought to public attention. This club is a great experience and a safe place. Most importantly in helping us find self-love," -said student, Arlene H. 
"A Few Good Men": Men's Empowerment Club:

Mr. Cervantes, in Room 10, is the advisor for this brand-new club! A Few Good Men is a club where students can discuss and reflect on the issues related to male gender roles, family dynamics, identity, and mental health. Some issues to tackle are anger management, empathy and emotions, and battling toxic masculinity. Overall, the goal is to be leaders in the community by being role models for each other.  

"Once a Pawn a Time" Chess Club:
Chess Club meets in Room 13 every Thursday, at lunch. Mr. McCullough oversees this club. It is an intellectually stimulating adventure with informal tournament games and opportunities to sharpen your chess skills. It is a meeting you simply can’t match. 
Fit Club:

Led by Mr. Mendez, students stay after school to work up a sweat with cardio and weight training. Exercise benefits our mood, mental health, and cognitive functions.